Junges Fachwissen für unsere jungen Patienten!

Ab sofort unterstützt uns Marleen Boschmann im Zahnhygienezentrum in der Kinder- und Jugendprophylaxe.

Hier freuen wir uns über das Engagement von Frau Boschmann, Kindern die wichtige Zahnpflege zu vermitteln. Ihr bereitet es zudem große Freude, die “kleinen Patienten” selbständig zu behandeln und den Erfolg der Motivation bei der Zahnpflege zu sehen.

Wenn auch Ihre Tochter oder Ihr Sohn zur Prophylaxe geht, vereinbaren Sie gern einen Termin mit unserer Rezeption.

Nachwuchsförderung mal anders!

Seit Saisonbeginn unterstützen wir die weibliche E-Mannschaft des TBV Lemgo. Wer weiß, vielleicht wird aus der ein oder anderen jungen Dame mal eine richtige "Große". Alle sind mit viel Spaß und Engagement dabei. Weiter so......

Wir bringen was ins Rollen...

Bus Nummer 2 ist in Lippe unterwegs. Wir sind stolz, Ihnen einen weiteren Bus mit unserem Design für das neues Zahnhygienezentrum präsentieren zu dürfen. Unter dem Motto “Wir lassen Sie nicht im Regen stehen” steigen Sie vielleicht einmal ein, auch wenn wir uns hoffentlich noch lang an einem sonnigen und goldenen Oktober erfreuen!

Bus Nr.2 fährt nun in Lippe

Alina Melchert starts as new dental assistant

Our former apprentice Alina Melchert has successfully passed her final exams on the 13th of June 2015. She has started as a dental assistant in our clinic from the 14th of June 2015. We congratulate her warmly and look forward to a good future cooperation.

New hand sanitizers installed

Epidemics in the wide world worry us and infectious diseases in our own sphere of life represent a constant threat to our health. That interpretation can counteract only through conscious compliance with the rules of hygiene.

Clean hands are an integral part of the general hygiene. In addition to the regular hand washing, other facilities such as regular use of disinfection liquids can also lead to a lower transmission of pathogens.

To protect our patients and staff, we have therefore set up sensor-controlled hand disinfection units, produced by the brand "Steripower" and displayed those in the reception area of our clinic.

When you place your hands into the cavity of this device, the correct amount of disinfectant is sprayed on the hands without contact.
Through levitation, the disinfectant is distributed over the entire skin surface, and is that way able to develop its disinfectant action. After evaporation of the disinfectant, a pleasant feeling on the skin surface and a good feeling of having done something to protect your own health and the health of others remain.

Two new apprentices

On the 1st of August, once again two apprentices started at our clinic. They are called Marleen Boschmann and Annika Meier. You will surely get to know them soon within our clinic. With their training, we want to provide for excellent competences right from the start when getting into the job. At the same time we as well would like to contribute to the improving, but often still not satisfying job market situation especially for young people in Germany, by giving new starters excellent training and development opportunities.

Visit to the high ropes course

We've always wanted to climb into the unknown...
our company outing was the perfect time for it. We went onto the highest heights in the climbing park and also completed the high ropes course at the Monument of Hermann. After the first introduction, the course immediately took us above ground and soon also firstly sceptical employees lost their fears. In about 15 meters above ground and in beautiful sunny weather we relaxed in terms of climbing and had lots of fun. As Tarzan, we swung from branch to branch as well as from tree to tree. We fought us through spider walls, surfboards and a small balloon basket and conquered the height. Time passed incredibly fast with this unique experience. The idea was to encourage teamwork and confidence within our team and the day got finished with a barbeque.

Jobs live 2013

Job Fares should provide young people with guidance on their future career choices. They also provide an overview of training opportunities. On the other hand, such fairs offer employers the opportunity to look for suitable future employees.

For both reasons, we have embraced the opportunities offered by "Jobs Live 2013" this year, a careers fare, which is organized by the IHK Lippe Detmold on an annual basis. With an information stand, we participated in the fair. The stand was staffed at all times on both days of the fair with a dentist and an assistant who could give the interested visitors a lot of qualified first hand information. Interesting discussions came up and for one student the fare even resulted in a one-week internship in our clinic.

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