During the manufacturing of dental prostheses in addition to the reconstruction of an optimal chewing function, an attractive aesthetic look is of equal importance according to our patients, for a perfect result.

Amalgam fillings not only contain mercury and are therefore potentially harmful but characterized by their dark color and therefore often not aesthetically satisfying. Through the use of modern, tooth-colored high-tech plastics, fillings become durable and virtually invisible. If the damage within the tooth appears to be very large and cannot be stabilized sufficiently enough by a plastic filling, ceramic inlays, onlays or partial crowns can be used.

For crowns and bridges, a high degree of aesthetic satisfaction and biocompatibility can result, due to the use of all-ceramic restorations. With this, the known black edge often seen with older dentures belongs to the past.

Small corrections of tooth color or position in the anterior region can often be accomplished through the use of minimal invasive veneers, which are made of very thin ceramics.

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